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"I was very taken by the caring, concern and love at this facility.  My husband was there and for the most part, I felt the nursing staff,CNA's, Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Administrators and a wonderful Marketing director all took a personal interest in him! Also the social workers and recreational staff were very kind and helpful!" Sheree J.

"Recently, my grandparents got unhealthy so I decided to send them both here. The staff is very kind and nice and they make sure to keep my grandparents happy :) the food is excellent and the place is also very sanitary. They wash my grandparents clothes and take them showers every few days. They are always nice to visitors and bring a very good vibe whenever I visit this place. If you or a loved one is considering to send them to a nursing home, I really recommend this place!" Jennie H.

"I brought my Dad here back in October 2016 after touring several nursing homes.  This place had a good vibe in comparison to the other nursing homes I visited.  Its not easy bringing a parent to a nursing home and it can be one of the hardest experiences a family can go thru.  But Zaldy and his staff helped the family so much during the duration of my fathers stay.  The place was very clean, the food was good and nutritious and there is a little garden out in the back.  They had a nice Halloween party which helped everyone forget their troubles for a little while and at Thanksgiving they prepared a big feast for all of the patients, family, and staff.  So even though it is not home, it does feel like a community.   Thank you Zaldy and team!!!" -Jo J.

"West Valley Health Care Center is a wonderful, positive facility with many caring staff. My mother was there for many years and was well tended to by the caring and compassionate staff members there. 
They decorate for every holiday and have regular outings with transpiration provided. 
I would recommend this faculty to anyone looking for quality and compassion for their loved one." Jean S.


"Woohoo! As good as it gets is right! I've walked into many skilled nursing facilities. West Valley Healthcare Center is the first place I've been where there is no foul odor and you'll rarely see a patient on their own. The staff is extremely friendly yet professional. They have a whole team of doctors who see their patients regularly. Elena and Zaldy are so wonderful and informative. They helped educate me when my grandma's health was declining. Because her condition was worsening, we signed her on with Burbank Hospice. Both teams were so good in working with each other and communicating so my grandma's needs were met in a timely manner. Finally, my grandma passed on. I can move on with my life knowing she was getting the best of care at West Valley with their and Burbank Hospice's nurses. Thanks everyone!"  N. T.

"Due to my health condition, I have had the experience of staying at many different skilled nursing facilities/rehab centers. I can speak for myself and my family that Providence West Valley Healthcare Center is far above the rest of the crowd. Everything from rehab, activities, dietary, housekeeping and maintenance, and of course the nursing staff is nothing but exemplary. The Administration really cares not only for their patients, but pays really close attention to treating the whole staff very well. Special hats off to the Director of Nursing, Zaldy, who goes way out of his way to make sure all the needs of the patients are being met, no matter how easy or complicated the patient's needs are. He is truly the best!!! I would recommend this facility without any hesitation to anyone of any age needing rehab. Way to go PVWHC.. you are AWESOME and I am so glad to be a patient here!!!" Lori. F. 

"Thank you so much for all your care to my Brother Charlies-he is the most special person and all of you and your staff have treated him just as if he was yours with such great care. Since he arrived- he has gotten happier and even healthier...and you not only have the best care staff- but your activities are so great and so important- that i do not worry at night that he is not cared for or alone. it is a great feeling to know he is safe and well cared for. and all the other residents and staff have become our second family. thank you from the bottom of my heart......." Rachel Ann D.

"It is never easy having to go to a skilled nursing/rehab center, but Providence West Valley Healthcare Center is the exception to the rule. My wonderful experience began even before I stepped in the door with a pleasant and warm conversation with their Admission Coordinator, Karen. Right off the bat, I could tell this was no ordinary facility and I was right.

Upon my admission, it was obvious this was going to be a pleasant stay. The caring, family-oriented feeling was apparent in the whole staff. Everyone from the Administration Department, social services, rehabilitation services, activities department, dietary, housekeeping and maintenance, and especially the wonderful, compassionate nursing staff made me feel immediately welcomed and a part of their family.

All of the members that make up this awesome team share a dedication and compassion to ensure all patients feel welcome and have a feeling they are home away from home. I must say, their Director of Nursing, Zaldy, is the best of the best!!! He is truly an expert in his field and a true friend here in the "house". Despite all my complicated medical issues, Zaldy never hesitates to help me out and he is always there for me. He is a special man, very kind and giving, intelligent and knowledgeable, and he shares his passion and dedication with all his patients enthusiastically.

With all that is going on impressive, intensive rehab team, fun and entertaining activities, and delicious, nutritious meals, the day goes by quickly and has a pleasant atmosphere that makes my time more enjoyable. Included in WVHC's team is their Shining Star, their Concierge, Ms Victoria. Yes....they even have a concierge and she is an amazing woman!!! Everyday, she adds a smile to my face as soon as I see her warming smile. Victoria helps out how ever she is needed and never says no to anyone. She is definitely awesome and an angel of an employee to all the residents and staff!!!

This facility goes out of it's way to make sure all patients feel comfortable during their stay, but  the staff also goes out of their way to take care of each other and it is evident, and no doubt, helps in building the fine institution this place is.

Like I said, it is never easy to have to go to a facility, but if you find the need, I would highly recommend this wonderful place without any hesitancy. Absolutely a 5 star skilled nursing/rehab center. Thank you Providence West Valley Healthcare Center for making my stay terrific!!!" Samantha R.


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